B&B Door County Autumn Splendor

Autumn would be our favorite season…if only it didn’t lead into winter! All kidding aside, there are few places in Wisconsin more beautiful than Door County during autumn. The colors of the leaves – vivid shades of orange, red, purple and yellow – are spectacular this year.

Autumn at Chanticleer Guest House

Autumn at Chanticleer Guest House

Flocks of migrating geese are a common sight now, as are flocks of robins and bluebirds preparing for their journey south. Here at the Chanticleer Guest House, we have decorated for autumn. Bryon had a bumper crop of pumpkins, which he placed around the inn, along with corn stalks and Indian corn. The gardens are full of late-blooming asters, butterfly bushes, and the last shrub rose blossoms of the year.

Why not grab a hot mug of apple cider and go for a walk on the trails? Door County’s apple harvest is in full swing. The orchards around us are loaded with apples and there are several varieties to choose from. Our favorite is still the Honeycrisp, but Gala, Cortland, and Red Delicious apples are all wonderful choices for the season. Make sure to plan a trip up to Door County soon, since the apples and colorful leaves will not last long.

Apples aren’t the only wonderful thing about Door County in autumn, as the region is full of artisanal cheesemakers. When you visit us, why not attend some cheese tastings in the area and learn more about where Wisconsin’s reputation for making the best cheese in the country comes from?

Of course, the best thing to pair with our wonderful local cheeses is some wine, and there are several nearby wineries to choose from. Whether you want to try some of our amazing Merlots, Rieslings, or even cherry wine – cherries being a specialty crop around here – Door County’s wineries will not disappoint. Once you’ve tasted and sipped to your heart’s content, you can return to the comforts of the Chanticleer – we’ll give you a restful and relaxing experience that will provide the perfect finish to your trip.