Celebrating 18 Years at The Chanticleer Door County


In a few weeks, Bryon and I will have completed 18 years of inn keeping.  It seems like yesterday that guests would arrive and ask us if our parents owned the place!  Ah, the good old days…  Now couples arrive (who look like they could be our children) and call us sir!  The average length of time most people own a bed and breakfast is around 7 years.  Here are a few reasons we still enjoy operating the Chanticleer Guest House after 18 years…

  • Most of our best friends are people who have stayed at the inn.  We have met so many wonderful people over the years, and that is what makes our job so enjoyable.
  • We have our own private living space and respect the privacy of our guests.  In the old days, bed and breakfasts were single family homes in which you would rent a bedroom.  Guests would share a common bathroom and actually use the owner’s living space.  We have our private living area to relax in, and we try to provide the same atmosphere for our guests.  Can you image all of us fighting over the television remote?!?
  •  Treat everyone who walks through the door with respect.  After 18 years, it has made being an innkeeper a fun career and it also makes guests enjoy coming back.
  •  We enjoy that fact that most people are happy when they are on vacation! 

So many wonderful occasions have occurred at the Chanticleer over the years.  Couples have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, and we’ve hosted weddings and wedding receptions.  Several couples have been engaged here and we suspect one or two children have been conceived here!  We do promote ourselves as a romantic bed and breakfast!

We have so many fun and interesting stories after running the Chanticleer for 18 years.  Guests say we should write a book.  Well, we are starting off with a blog!  Here’s to 18 years of inn keeping and to many more!



  1. Doug and Ellen Yeager says:

    Congratulations on 18-years! Wow, that is quite an accomplishment. To create such a wonderful escape for your guests and one that you guys continue to make appear so effortless (although we know how hard you must work at it).

    Truly the best place to stay – to be “alone” and feel wanted at the same time. It’s a sense of coming back to visit an old friend each time we stay at The Chanticleer. It even felt that way the first time we visited in October of 1993. That is truly a gift as an innkeeper, I think, to have created an environment that is at once “your home” and yet never “old and boring”.

    Looking forward to our annual stay – thanks for always making us feel welcome!

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